We identified 6 major topics, on which we would like to focus the discussion:

Terminology, metrics and classificationThe aim of the working group is to make a critical review of terminology, metrics and classification used in braided rivers. This will imply a detailed review of the state of the art,.. see more  Terminilogy
P1030025b Morphodynamics, Vegetation Braided systems tend to have multiple pathways of adjustment, including bed roughness, local slope adjustments,.. see more
Hydraulics, sediment transport Modelling hydraulics and sediment transport in natural rivers is a difficult and challenging task. This is particularly true in braided rivers where, in addition to standard questions still not resolved for single tread..  see more  labo
 grain sorting Sedimentology, morpho-texture, sorting The geometry, sedimentary architecture and grain size sorting characteristics of braiding rivers are a direct reflection of their controlling hydraulic processes and morphodynamics… see more
Measurements (field, remote sensing) lidarb
 model Numerical modelling Numerical modelling is a powerful tool for analysing and predicting the features and patterns of braided rivers…  see more

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